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GLK Technology Company Limited, established in 2013, had been specialized in designing and developing smart terminals, including AR glasses, Smart wearable, IOT devices, AI devices, unique smart phones and tablets, etc.

As an one-stop solution provider for OEM, ODM, EMS projects, we offer customized services from ID, MD, mold tooling, hardware and software customization, to final product delivery.


Our well-equipped and well-managed production workshops enable us to fulfill dozens of ODM projects, hundreds of OEM projects, and deliver millions of units smoothly to our customers.

We prioritize customer safety, reliability, and satisfaction, and provide  reliable after-sales services such as repairing, refurbishment, and  replacement.

Welcome to contact us to start a long-term, mutually-beneficial partnership.








  • 2013
  • 300+
    Company employees
  • 210
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